Clarksons report the dry bulk fleet added 2.8 MDWT in March (1.5 MDWT of Capes, 0.7 of Pmax, 0.5 of Supras and 0.2 of Handies), while a total of 0.5 MDWT was scrapped (0.3 MDWT of Capes, 0.1 of Pmax, 0.1 of Supras and 0.1 of Handies). This implies a net fleet growth in March of 2.3 MDWT or annualised +3%.

As the average speed of the fleet fell, effective supply decreased with the equivalent of -4.7 MDWT, resulting in an effective net change of -2.4 MDWT or annualised -3.2%.

YTD the dry bulk fleet has seen deliveries of 10.4 MDWT, scrapping of 3.4 MDWT and the fleet at end March was 919.1 MDWT.